Sunday, May 6, 2012

finding a job?

Photography Intern
I have taken photography class in Canada for a year.  I always enjoying taking photos, and my photos have been chosen to put on walls, as well. I know how to use any type of digital or any kind of cameras, digital media management/storage, and image processing. I know how to use any type of computers, including familiarity with Windows XP and Office 2003. I have learned lots of design programs. I have experienced to work at a photoshop store with my photography teacher in Canada for about three months. I am also excited to learn more from this job, as well. 

I have Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube channel or any other social websites, and I filmed videos, edited them, and uploaded them with HD format cameras or DSLR video cameras by myself. I also have learned lots of skills of editing or planing videos. I am so interested in and enjoyed of filming and editing videos, I can done a video that has a cool topic in a day. So I'm definitely the one who can help conceive of. 

Web Design Internship with Bridging Nations
I have used Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube channel or any other social websites for a long time, and I filmed videos, edited them, and uploaded them with HD format cameras or DSLR video cameras by myself. I also have learned lots of skills of editing or planing videos. I am so interested in and enjoyed of filming and editing videos, I can done a video that has a cool topic in a day. And I am a person that always has creative and contributes ideas in anythings. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Male And Female Communication Different

Woman are more likely to speak to other woman when they have problems or when they need to make a decision of something. However, men more likely to keep their problems to themselves instead of telling other men, and they don'y usually see the point in sharing personal issue. Moreover,women like share experiences and asking lots of questions. But men doesn't. They share experiences as a way of being one-up. They more likely share and give their information rather than asking questions.Women focus on building rapport, by sharing experiences and asking questions. And if once a woman have a disagreement with other, they will hate each other, it really affects all aspects of their relationship. But when men have a disagreement with each other, they will just move on to another subject really quickly and go get a drink together.

Female speakers used more like first person pronouns and fewer third person references than the male speakers. The female speakers used 'hmm' much higher frequency than the male speakers. The female speakers also interrupted each other more. The female conversation seemed more fluent than the other conversations, as measured by number of disfluencies and number of affirmative transitions upon speaker change. All of these differences suggest that this area is a fruitful one for further investigation.

Women desire intimacy in conversation, to feel connected to others.
Men desire to give information while remaining independent of the other party. Women try to avoid the appearance of “superiority.” Men are comfortable telling others what to do and appearing “superior.” Women want to reach consensus and consult with others before deciding. Men want to get straight to the bottom line and choose without consulting. Women communicate to build relationships. Men communicate to give information, solve problems and show expertise. Women use more words to make a point and express more feelings. Men use fewer words and express fewer feelings. Women use conversation to think through a problem and work toward a solution. Men think through a problem privately, then express the solution as the bottom line. Women give feedback with tact, tentativeness and sensitivity to the other person’s feelings. Men give feedback directly and with bluntness, without the intention that it should be taken personally. Women often change the topic in the middle of a conversation, then return to it later. Men tend to finish one topic before going on to the next. Women talk more about relationships. Men talk more about what they did, where they went. Women tend to take verbal rejection more personally than men. Women are more likely than men to ask for help rather than figure things out on their own. Men appear less intuitive and aware of details than women. Women have a more emotional approach to problems. Men have a more analytical approach. Men use fewer voice tones and facial expressions while communicating than women do. Men make more direct statements; there’s less “beating around the bush” with men than with women.

Male will never listen to you when you need to process through an issue It is frustrating when men just want to give you a quick, seemingly impulsive solution and move on to other things. They don't listen to the details in order to help them form the best solution. They immediately jump to the solution without processing through the details, leading to less-than-perfect results, in your opinion. In addition, women dwell on things, hold grudges, and go on and on and on about an issue. You might also wonder how women can do so many things at once without getting overwhelmed and confused.

Male and female speeches have been observed to differ in their form, topic, content, and use. Men may be more  directive, they use more nonstandard forms, talk more about sports, money, and business, and more frequently refer to time, space, quantity, destructive action, perceptual attributes, physical movements, and objects. But women are often more supportive, polite, and expressive, talk more about home and family, and use more words implying feeling, evaluation, interpretation, and psychological state.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Choosen Topic..

Male And Female Communication Different
I will talk about how men and women think. The way the two gender think. The different ways of expressing their feelings to people. Since they from different cultures affects both men and women. Different types of people interacting with each other.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

inventions ....

1. umbrella raincoat 
I believe most you guys hate rains because you will always get wet even you got an umbrella. Have you felt annoyed that the bag on your back it's always wet, and its kind of gross? Well, I have found an idea of not doing that, it is useful and light. This design is to protect your bag on your back, or your back won't get wet while you're walking with your umbrella. 

2. Helmet Headset
Have you ever felt annoyed of putting your cell phone between your face and a helmet, so that you can get to talk on the phone while you're driving your schooler?  Well, I have found an amazing idea and the way that you don't have to do that, this design is called the 'Helmet Headset.' What it does is to allow you to be able to talk on the phone while you're driving. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Campaign Speech

School is a great place to try new things, like joining clubs, joining the track team, or any events, but we must need someone to work with 'em, to be in charge. My name is Tiffany, I was volunteered, and thought that it could be better if you all open your hearts to listen to me, and make a right choice to vote me as a SA president. 

I have heard that there weren't that much people went to the events that the SA president should have made them feel excited to come, and there must reasons for it. No matter what those reasons are, all I care is about make it change, make it better. And you all should trust me, because I am always right, and keep my promises. [Begging the Question]

Just look at Thomas, apparently he has a crush on cherries, if you vote him, I bet all of us will be treated as cherries. [False Authority] Or look at Tristan, he has talked about how other is being with what he thought about us. And you all don't want a SA president of TAPA like to compare with other people and make himself or herself to look perfect, right? [Hasty Generalization] In fact, you guys don't want to be listening his weird accent and to make yourself confuse if he was saying shed or swearing, right? No offense, but you really don't. 

I don't have to be comparing with other presidential candidates to make myself look better, I know that I must be a great SA president, because I have a lot of ideas to make things better, and try to get people involved. Also, I care what other people have to say, and I will try my best to make a change, as well. School events are great with my in charge. I would win in any student body with sense for sure. 

If you don't vote me now, you would had regretted in few years later for sure. [Hypothesis Contrary to Fact] I am the best leader, therefore, I am the beast choice. [ ] Besides, everyone else is voting the shorter one, which is me, so you should, too, [Bandwagon Appeals] since short people are smarter than tall people, and live longer. Either you vote and support me in everything and do or you are not part of the TAPA students. [Either/Or Choices] So, shorter is better. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos of the video.

Ethos: Joseph Kony had taken many kids away from many parents and  he gave them guns, made the them kill their own parents, also made them turn in sex salves. And Jacob was one of them, the Invisible Children. 

Logos: We didn't have internet long time ago, it was very difficult to contact people that are WAY too far. But then, people started to contact to each other since we got internet. He had visited Africa to introduced and recorded one of the Invisible Children - Jacob. Since there are a lots of people have internet or TV, they share the videos/news/massages that are on Youtube, and send them through the entire whole world. 

Pathos: It makes us wanted to tell the Invisible Children to be strong, because Jacob has said that he would rather die than staying on this Earth, which we have never felt it and experienced before, and the true story of them also makes us want to end this war, give them hope, love, and faith.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

choice and progress for my cafeteria speech demonstration

I think I will do the curling hair for my cafeteria speech demonstration. The reasons why are because I can still remember the lines, and pretty much everybody in the class wants me to do this one. Since my last speech is much shorter than the first one, but I will add a part like after you're done with the curling part, you can also tie your hair as a bow, or a bun, so that I can make my next speech longer, and more interesting.